medical weight loss frequently asked questions

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How much weight will I lose?

A healthy 8-12 pounds a month is the average. Of course everyone is different with different medical history's and lifestyles. The end result will be determined by finding what works best for you and proper nutrition, exercise, and calorie counting. 


Can men do the program?

Yes!  We have a lot of men on the program and they do extremely well. We also have a lot of couples, friends, and family doing the program together. 


What medications are used?

We only prescribe FDA approved injections and appetite suppressants (please call (520)789-7000 for more info). Everyone is different so dosages and combinations are tailored to individual medical needs, current medications, and what is currently working best for you. B-12 injections are also available to patients for $10. 


How many calories?

Calories typically range anywhere from 1000 to 1800 calories a day. A calorie range will be selected to work with your current body type and activity level placing you at a calorie deficit resulting in 8 to12 pounds lost a month. 


What types of foods can I eat?

In order to make this a lasting, long term lifestyle change we advise using normal store bought foods found at your local grocery. A wide variety of healthy foods including healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are necessary for long term health. Counting calories and utilizing healthy eating choices discussed during your visits, you'll find you can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods. 


Can I exercise?

Yes!  We highly encourage exercise to get the most out of the program. Individual medical and nutritional requirements will be addressed.  An increase in daily activity benefits most patients resulting in faster weight loss, more energy, and improved overall health. We love helping our patients discover healthier lives with many experiencing improvements to current medical conditions.